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GRYMEY’S “ My Dribble “ is a classic from the 6OH3 era, New Hampshire Rapper

Updated: Apr 28

The New Hampshire rapper ( Georgia Native ) GRYMEY stuns listeners with his unique voice, flow and delivery on his single “ My Dribble” featuring Joffey. The beat was made by a west coast producer ( Rikanatti ) and the vocals were recorded in New Hampshire at 6OH3’s Rochester location. Grymey and Joffey both bring witty bars with hard punchlines, no diddy. They sound great and it’s a positive message to keep going in life when haters try and stop you! Great song, great production, definitely check it out on the major streaming services! #grymey #hiphop #newmusic #single #joffey

Album Cover
My Dribble Album Cover Artwork

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