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5 Things the Artist Needs to Know Before Recording

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

If you believe you are ready to head into the studio to record your material. Here is some advice I can provide as someone who has worked with many different artists in all different genres of music that should help not only save you some money & time in the studio but also help you release better music.

1- The single most important thing you can do is be prepared and on time. Have yourself organized not only for yourself but for the engineer/producer.

2- Make sure you're ready to record. Have your beat, material, and your energy set so when we say to get in the booth, you're in there.

3- Prepare as much music as you think you can complete. The first day of production has finally come and if you're ready then we can get not only the recording done but the mixing and mastering as well. The more prepared the more that can get done with no time wasted.

4- Keep distractions out. Recording a record is very exciting and outsiders want to be involved but its generally best to keep outsiders outside during the process. Everyone is different and there is no single rule for this but, distractions should be discussed with the producer to determine who is permitted to sessions.

5- Have fun. This seems to go without saying but many artists forget this part and it is an important one. Music is very expressive and your emotions find their way to tape. How you feel will come out in the material being recorded so embrace the process and take your time getting it right.

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